Queer Tango Instruction

Amy at the 2016 NYC Queer Tango Festival

I offer feminist, body-positive and trans-positive queer tango instruction for beginner-level individuals, couples, and groups. I’ve been studying and dancing Argentine tango for more than three years, both locally and on urban scenes including Chicago and NYC. I dance on the straight and queer scenes, and I am familiar with the codigos you will encounter once you start attending milongas.

When we grow up queer, we often learn that our most natural postures and movements are not culturally acceptable. Or that our bodies are not what we wanted them to be. As a result of trying to move in more culturally acceptable ways, or trying to hide parts of our bodies with which we aren’t comfortable, we sometimes end up with habits that are bad for our posture and interfere with graceful, powerful movement. Tango demands good posture and balance, and you may find that it challenges bad habits that have become part of your embodiment of queerness or of gender. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it is a rare opportunity to increase the health and mobility of your already authentic embodiment.

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