Install Moodle on localhost with PostgreSQL

Make sure your installation of psql is working. I had a really hard time with this because I've always just pasted in:

psql --version

If psql is running, you get a response like this:

psql (PostgreSQL) 9.0.4
contains support for command-line editing 

If you execute that command and you get something else, you might need to fiddle with your psql installation. There are many instructions for installing psql via homebrew, and this might do the trick, but you have to install xcode first. I ended up doing that, and then followed the instructions.

Once you've got psql working, let's go ahead and start a git clone on the branch of Moodle we want (this assumes you have a github account and ssh key set up).

// cd into your mac's web dir
cd /Lib*/Web*/Doc*/ 
// Make a new dir to hold your repo clone. 
// You need sudo if you're in the standard /Lib*/Web*/Doc*/ 
// though you might eventually want to move away from that.
sudo mkdir 21stable 
// cd into your new dir
cd 21stable
// Clone the branch you want
sudo git clone -b MOODLE_21_STABLE git://
// This process will run for a while.
// Leave the terminal window open and let it run.
// Open a new terminal window for the steps below.

While the git clone is running, let's create our moodledata directory.

// *Not* in the Documents dir
cd /Lib*/Web*
// Make directory
sudo mkdir moodledata21
// Permissions
sudo chown -R www:admin moodedata21

We can also create our psql database and user, and grant permissions.

// create your database (you may need to let postgres know who the user is, that's the -U postgres below)
createdb moodle21 -U postgres
// Access the db
psql -d moodle21 -U postgres // set encoding to utf-8
// Create user
create user moodle21user with password 'password';
// Grant privileges
grant all privileges on database moodle21 to moodle21user;
// List your databases, just to check and be sure
// Exit

Once the git clone has finished, we set permissions for the Web directory:

cd /Lib*/Web*/Doc*/
// Ownership
sudo chown -R www:admin 21stable
// Permissions 
sudo chmod -R 755 21stable

Now load up localhost/21stable/moodle. If you're prompted with ../install.php like normal, you're golden. Run through the installation prompts, entering the values we established in the steps above.

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